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Experience BioReiki - A synergistic blend of ancient and modern technologies.


BioReiki is a deep assisted meditation and energy healing service that promotes calm, focus and presence.  

Sessions combine both ancient and modern technologies: Reiki (a Japanese stress reduction technique), Binaural Beats (auditory brain entrainment) and an amethyst Bio-Mat (infrared heat technology).

These three modalities are highly complementary, delivering an effective, refreshing healing experience.



Create an Environment of Success

  • BioReiki is particularly well suited to high stress, creatively demanding work environments such as media and tech offices, film sets, conventions, any place where employees would benefit from a quick, deep reset.

  • People walk away feeling relaxed and ready.

Perfect for

  • regular in office visits

  • off-site company retreats

  • gifts for employees or clients

Indigo Energetics is based in Los Angeles. We are available for travel to offices and film sets nationwide.

How It Works

One of our healers arrives at your office and sets up a healing space. You decide the session length you would like to offer your employees: 10, 15 or 20 minute one-on-one BioReiki sessions are available.

Please inquire about individual and group rates. 

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BioReiki FAQs


What is Reiki?

Reiki: Japanese Rei – Universal Life. Ki – Energy.

Reiki is a palm healing technique that uses light touch to channel universal life energy, promoting the body’s natural ability to relax and heal itself at all levels of being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats are a type of brainwave entrainment built on the principle that sound affects mood.

By introducing particular frequencies, the brain can be entrained to a desired brainwave pattern, i.e. theta, alpha etc. In this instance, the binaural beats stimulate a meditative mind, allowing the listener to drop more quickly and deeply into a relaxed state of being. A binaural beat is a “phantom frequency” produced by the brain when it experiences two nearly similar but different frequencies, one in each ear, with the use of stereo headphones.

What is a BioMat?

A BioMat is an infrared heat mat lined with amethyst stones.

Far Infrared heat is used in many industries, most notably by NASA for maintaining the cardiovascular health of astronauts on long space missions. Far Infrared heat is capable of penetrating deep into the body; it gently elevates body surface temperature, activating major bodily functions and increasing blood circulation. Lying on an infrared heat mat has many benefits as it reduces inflammation and stress, thus improving immune function. Amethyst is a powerful crystal that is revered for its dual nature. It activates and enhances the creative mind while staving off hyperactivity and compulsiveness. It has a deeply calming effect for clear and focused action. Amethyst is known as the Artist’s Stone, vibrating the energy of success, imagination, intuition and ingenuity.