Indigo Energetics

Rabiah Troncelliti, Founder. Creator of BioReiki healing sessions.

After years of working on commercial productions for Visa, Nike, Nintendo, Bose, Geico, Mercedes and many others, Rabiah witnessed and experienced the stress, exhaustion and eventual burnout that comes from working in a fast paced media environment.

That's why she began offering on-site meditation and energy healing sessions; a convenient but powerful way of changing the dynamic and culture right at the source.

During her time working as a media wardrobe stylist, Rabiah also became a certified yoga teacher, an avid meditator and a Reiki Master. She has regularly retreated from fast paced city life to delve into deep contemplation at silent retreats around the world.

After 15+ years of exploring the healing arts, she now brings her knowledge of introspection and self care through her innovative BioReiki sessions, encouraging others to relax, stay present and listen.

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